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WMD - free the world
Nuclear Disarmament

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Daisy Newsletter
December 2010
Crunch Time
Time is running out for ratification of New START during the lame duck session of Congress. If the vote is delayed until the the new Congress convenes, the potential setbacks will be difficult to overcome, and as time passes, we lose valuable information on the Russian nuclear arsenal.
Please continue to contact your senators and urge them to make a public commitment to ratify New START before the end of this year. Daisy Alliance is also organizing a phone bank. Anyone interested should contact Holly Lindamood for more information.
Nuclear Security News

As part of a continuing effort to increase bi-partisan support for New START, former Republican Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker, Lawrence Eagleburger, and Colin Power discuss "The Republican Case for Ratifying New START" in a recent Washington Post op-ed.
In a recent International Herald Tribune op-ed, "NATO, Nuclear Security, and the Terrorist Threat," Sam Nunn, co-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative and former U.S. Senator from Georgia, examines the role of nuclear weapons in NATO security policy.
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Most people would not want a nuclear power plant in their neighborhood, even though nuclear power plants are designed to fail less than once every million years. Preliminary evidence indicates that nuclear deterrence can be expected to work for about 100 years. Even if that time horizon were closer to 1,000 years, the risk would be equivalent to that of 1,000 nuclear power plants surrounding your home. Yet, most people do not consider the risk of failure of nuclear deterrence, the inevitability of nuclear terrorism, or the potential for an accidental failure, if current practices continue long enough.
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Book Review:
Security Without Nuclear Deterrence
by Commander Robert Green
Security Without Nuclear Deterrence is a reductio ad absurdum of nuclear deterrence doctrine. It exposes this cold-war policy relic to be based on false premises and fallacious logic, which lead to an absurd conclusion - nuclear weapons bring peace and security.
The orthodoxy of nuclear deterrence has become inculcated in political, military, and civil society to the extent that it is gospel, and criticism of it is near heresy. Commander Green's passion for debunking the deterrence myth shines through in this book, as it does in his other fine works. He artfully dissects every aspect of nuclear deterrence and exposes it for what it is - delusional and destabilizing dogma that serves mainly to protect the status quo of the military industrial complex.
Security Without Nuclear Deterrence is an objective analysis of the dangerous contradictions and impracticalities of nuclear deterrence, and it suggests safer alternative security strategies by providing a compendium of well cited, behind the scenes stories. For those interested in arms control, it is an absorbing and informative read. For others, it is a must read!
Upcoming Events:
Februrary 9, 2011: Lecture and Book Signing with Avner Cohen.
Contact Holly Lindamood for more information.
Daisy Alliance is a nonpartisan peace organization that educates the public about the devastation nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons are capable of inflicting and the threat they pose to civilization. We work to improve global peace and security by reducing the threat or use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) through the rule of international law. 

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